Oxygen8: What it means to oxygenate a skincare formula

Oxygen8: What it means to oxygenate a skincare formula

We are all familiar with oxygenated facials that are beloved by everyone, including A-list celebrities like Madonna and the Kardashians. Researchers and formula compounders have tried for years to incorporate this same high end facial technique into a sustainable, quality skincare formula. In 2021, this was finally achieved through Oxygen8, but what exactly is it and what does it do? 


Scientifically speaking....

Oxygen8 is a colorless and odorless high-density liquid fluorocarbon known as perfluorodecalin. Fluorocarbons are organic compounds that contain only carbon-fluorine and carbon-carbon bonds. In perfluorodecalin, a derivative of decalin, hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine atoms. 

Through this, Oxygen8 becomes a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide, making it an effective agent in carbon dioxide cleansing and oxygen enrichment of the skin. 

Explain like i'm 5 please! 

Roughly every 28 days our skin renews itself through cellular metabolism - the process by which cells take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This process allows the skin to repair and rebuild itself to remain healthy and radiant. Oxygen8 facilitates the transfer of oxygen into and carbon dioxide out of the epidermis, allowing the new you to always look your best. 

Oxygen8 has a high capacity to increase oxygen and moisture levels in the skin. Increased oxygen levels result in faster wound healing and reduced erythema and scarring. Increased skin moisturization results in anti-wrinkle effects and younger, more vibrant looking skin. 

Oxygenated skin care formulas have a variety of uses:

  • Chemical peel & dermabrasion post-treatment
  • Acne healing
  • Sunburn & thermal burn treatments 
  • After-sun products
  • Anti-wrinkle products
  • Eye-contour creams & gels
  • Oxygen Masks

Now you can have an oxygen facial at home with an oxygen8 face mask! 

Our patented oxygenated face mask allows you to bring this experience home with you. The Relentless Skin care foaming face mask is gentle and and nourishing, leaving the surface of your skin feeling like a whole new you! 

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