Rehab Lip Balm 15 ml
Rehab Lip Balm 15 ml
Rehab Lip Balm 15 ml
Rehab Lip Balm 15 ml


Rehab Lip Balm 15 ml

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Do You know your lip anatomy? The lip tissue that forms the margin around the mouth is one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of skin on the surface of your lips. Easily exposed to environmental damage it is a difficult area to restore, repair, and protect. Rejuvenate your lips with Relentless Rehab Lip balm. Experience this luxury Organic lip treatment. You will become an addict upon first use.

How to apply:
Simply glide your finger across the balm and apply a conservative amount to your lips. A little of this product goes a long way. 


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Our passion for skincare is driven by our commitment to engineer formulas that are backed by science and efficacy. No fluff, just quality ingredients and science.

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Taking care of our skin has many challenges and yet its the foundation of our confidence. We are driven to provide the absolute best service, formulas and ingredients to make your skincare route easy and effective.